LevGo smartTools for the Lab
LevGo smartTools for the Lab
  • Use for weighing and transport of precious samples
  • Use upright for wide ~90° opening or inverted for narrow ~ 45° opening
  • Pinchable sides facilitate closing edges of weighing paper
  • Lightweight: < 0.65 gm
  • Bend to your requirements
  • Reusable and autoclavable / disposable and recyclable (aluminum)
  • 100% USA design, materials and manufacturing
  • Patent pending

The LevGo smartStand® reduces the inconveniences associated with weighing paper by providing much needed structural support when manipulating precious samples. No more creased paper suddenly flopping closed. No more samples trapped in weighing paper that is pinched closed too tightly. No more sample spilling during transfer. With the smartStand your sample is easily moved from bench to scale to beaker.

The unique LevGo smartStand is also a universal rack for the lab. Bend it to your needs! Prop up your strip of micro tubes, support your spatula on the bench, or keep your 1.5 ml tube from disappearing in the ice. Squeeze, stretch, bend and mold the smartStand to customize it to your specific needs.

Patent Pending
Made in USA
Cat No 13001
Uses & Specification

Stabilizes weighing paper
Holds tubes, spatulas and more
Made of UVH Foil
Made in the USA

  • Weight < 0.65 gm
  • Made in USA
  • MRSP $41.50/pack - 75 per pack

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