LevGo smartTools for the Lab
LevGo smartTools for the Lab
  • At just 0.27 mm (0.011”) the US Patent Pending smartSlicer is as thin as a single edge industrial razor blade but much safer - the smartSlicer is unlikely to slice you!
  • The smartSlicer is able to cleanly slice gels* right on the light Box without scratching the surface of the box.
  • The smartSlicer can also be used to chop, mince or slice some soft tissue samples.
  • The smartSlicer is also adjustable - simply cut it with standard scissors to the width you require.
  • Available in two sizes: our Standard size is the same size as an industrial single edge razor. Our Large smartSlicer is 30% larger for bigger jobs.
  • smartSlicers are made in the USA of food grade PET and packed 100 per pack.
  • Lab Safety Managers love the smartSlicer!
  • US Patent 9,132,561
  • Made in the USA
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